7th Street Cafe


Revolution Cafe

A socially responsible social enterprise of the One Fam (non-profit) organization serving in West Oakland.


Aside from blazing fast "free" wi-fi serving good ol' fashion southern fried chicken w/ waffles or fresh-cut fries as well as organic coffee & espresso.


Our popular eccentric lounge area is filled with comfy seats and a history of protest posters lining the walls from past events One Fam organized going back almost 2 decades.


Inside an artist & culture village fully equipped with a performance stage, huge outdoor concert and movie area, and a rear patio beer garden.


Available for bookings.


7th Street/ Rev Cafe,  aims to provide on-the-go individuals with a sanctuary for work and relaxation. Equipped with lightening-fast Wi-Fi, and a combination of workstations, secluded chairs, and comfortable meeting areas, 7th Street Cafe is perfect for any personal or professional activity.

7th Street, The Historical Jazz & Blues District...